I started HBO’s The Wire in early autumn – Man, what a show – by both influence and by choice! A friend of mine lent seasons one through five to me and had nothing but great things to say about the series; its portrayal of urban life, as well as its social commentary of both the City of Baltimore and of the United States. Furthermore, I overheard that The Wire is renound for its highly skilled low-profile actors and actresses and its use source cues, rather than overlaying songs on the soundtrack. If you like gangsters, politics, social commentary, drama, and most importantly music, start watching The Wire!

As of today, I am currently nearing the end of Season Five. During Season Five, there is one scene in which one of the main characters, Jimmy McNulty, phones his girlfriend to inform her that he’s got “work” to do and won’t be home for the night. The song (source cue) in the background whilst McNulty’s on the phone? “Mother-In-Law” by Ernie K. Doe. This particular song is all that has stirred my soul lately.

I gotta’ get an Ernie compliation! AWOOT!


Too fly!


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