It’s still difficult for me to comprehend that someone with such musical (and lyrical) prowess resides in “yeg”, but Mitchmatic is the real deal and represents my hometown. It’s been a long time coming since Mitch’s first release “Two Weeks Off”, but the long anticipated It’s Probably Raining (more Old Ugly gold) is a force to be reckoned with! With the recent success of the first release “Why Don’t You Know” at the campus radio station in yeg, on YouTube, and featured on NPR’s “All Songs Considered”, It’s Probably Raining can and will continue to appease everyone’s tastes. Before the album’s inception, it was listed on CJSR’s Top 30 chart at #18 chart. The following week, the album skyrocketed to #1. Yeah, it’s THAT good!

It’s Probably Raining bleeds jazz, so it doesn’t go unnoticed that this album is inspired by jazz and its derivatives – something I feel is lacking in current hip hop scenes. The syncopated drum beats and avant-garde beat stylings showcase a welcoming 21st Century hip hop/jazz fusion that should be embraced and furthered. Mitch’s warm and welcoming tone of voice reminds me of a medley of an evolved, less vulgar Doug E. Fresh, or Slick Rick, whose rhyme scheme can remind me of the great Del Tha Funkee Homosapien. With these comparisons, it puts Mitch in good company in my books and makes It’s Probably Raining a delightful encounter. Lyrically speaking, Mitchmatic delivers elevated, cognizant, and mature verses with greater lyrical complication compared to many within the genre of hip hop. Take the second verse on “One Word” for example: “…And so I’m posing my prose as a weapon to those that oppose my essential acension.” Whoa!

The album drops with what sounds like a boiling pot of water or a kettle on a stovetop. As the the water gets hotter (as does the listener) and the tension continues to build, a slick jazz sample kicks in, complimented with a wicked drum beat cut over. Just as my head starts bobbing faster and harder, the listener is shoved  (aurally) into a deep body of water. The body of water is like this album. It’s Probably Raining is a deep adventure through hip hop, jazz, and electro, bringing the best out of the genres showcased and Mitchmatic himself. Give it a listen (OR ten)!

It’s only February, but I can guarantee that It’s Probably Raining will be listed on my favorite albums from 2012.

Favorite Track: “Sorry” 01:51

To listen to Mitchmatic, click below:


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