It’s certain that there’s always something special happening on Edmonton’s university radio station. CJSR (88.5FM and is a publicly funded, volunteer-run radio station that dedicates itself to challenging the status quo and prides itself in its eclectic programming. However, if you’re a fan of soul music and find yourself struggling to find “new” soul music, there’s one particular show on CJSR that’s especially for you. Every Friday night, from 11PM-12AM, a fine gentleman by the name of Sam Barrett spins rare and hard to find soul music. Now, when I use the word “spin”, I mean Sam actually spins 45″s and LPs. Analog, huh? YA!

Don’t go looking for these tunes on PirateBay, or other torrent sites because you certainly won’t find them! And good luck finding CD versions! Your most likely source to listen to these fine, sugary tracks is to tune in every week. Or, be that lucky caller on one of the nights Sam decides to give a record  away; be prepared to answer a question though! Or, actually go on eBay and find and purchase and wait weeks for these rarities. So it makes sense to just tune in to Sam “The Record Man” Barrett every week…

Aside from just playing music, Sam gives listeners in-depth historical and interesting facts about each track he plays. Whether the information is about the musician, the song at hand, or the region the song is from, Sam makes sure to give the listener valuable background information about every piece of soul magic. I thought soul music was a genre that I was well versed in (hence the reason for making this very blog). Turns out, I know very little. Listening to Sam and his mighty fine selections has been both a humbling and rewarding experience. It’s redefined the entire soul genre for me, and has caused me to reevaluate my entire music selection. To put it simply, I’ve barely scratched the surface of this pulsating genre.

I’ve featured on Sam’s show a few times, and look forward to collaborating with Sam in the near and far future. Even if I merely sit in the DJ booth and vibe to Sam’s selections, or add to the radio banter, Sam’s concept is just too cool to not be around from near or afar.  What’s just as cool as his concept and execution of his show,  is his retro 45″ box, where Sam keeps all of his not-so-hidden-anymore gems. Tune in, 88.5FM in Edmonton or around the world at!

Sam’s blog:
Soul Fillin’s Twitter: @SoulFillin


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